Need Help? Got Shmoop?

Want a short-cut for learning history? Written by smart college students in a readable, interesting style?

Check out Shmoop and click on US History.There you will find almost every topic we study in your US History course.

Right now, click on “Jim Crow in America, 1870 – 1976.” (Yes, you read that right: Jim Crow laws were still active in 1976! In living memory!).  Read the Intro section for a great overview: In a Nutshell and Why Should I Care? Both of these should get you thinking about the unit question: What should we do about discrimination and prejudice in America?

Now click on In Depth and you’ll find LOTS more.

And then go back to US History and click on “The Civil Rights Movement: The Struggle for Integration.” There’s lots more here for you to read and view. Check out the links at the top of the page for People, Statistics, Videos, Photos, and more.

Check it out. Your assignment? Write your response to this question in the comments: What section (in the readings, videos, or photos) told you something that most surprised you? Include where you found it (include the URL). The “deeper” you go into the site (the more clicks) the better. This is due by January 22, two days after the Inauguaration Day of the 44th President of the United States, Barak Obama.

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